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has any one grown fig trees from seeds? ihave.


By Charlie

suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

six years ago my wife bought some brown turkey figs ,ialways take seeds and stones from the table so isowed them ,i finished up with a small tray full of seedlings i was advised to plant in bucket or tub to resrict root growth last year one tree 8ft tall had one fruit my 6ft and 8ft both have a few on.ihavea few different plants im growing from this way. so iwill give you more info ,my grand children call me a greenhouse anorak. ta,ta for now.



Not from seed but my friend gave me a brown turkey fig tree last autumn, it was out all winter and though only about 2-3ft and a couple of branches i had 4 delicious ripe figs this week, and a second crop is swelling.

7 Aug, 2007

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