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sorry was meant to be Kerria Japonica


By Mookins

Norfolk, United Kingdom

Bought this today and it was from a bargain bin

am always a sucker for these plants brushed aside. Anyway the instruction rae faded and Inot sure how or where its best situated. any tips please
also have some more so will post seperatly

x x x

On plant Kerria japonica



It's a relatively easy shrub in that it will grow in full sun to half shade, likes any free drained soils that are reasonably fertile and only needs twiggy old flowering parts removed back to good new vigorous shoots after flowering.

13 Aug, 2009


I've only just noticed this one, Mookins - warning with this - it spreads through the soil at an alarming rate. If I tell you that most of the gardens where I've come across this plant, it's next door too, that might give you a clue. One of those that needs to be contained or blocked off in some way.

14 Aug, 2009


ooh goodness me!!!!

when you say contained is it ok to be in a pot?, maybe sink the pot too?

x x x

14 Aug, 2009


It'd need a fairly large pot to grow well, say 2 feet deep by a foot wide. I wonder if the dustbin-with-the-bottom-removed trick that people use for bamboo would work - probably would, but a bit of a performance to do.

14 Aug, 2009

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