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shade perennials


By Jomama

Ontario, Canada Ca

Hi there. I have a large maple tree in the corner of the yard where I can't get any grass to grow. I'd like to put some perennials there instead, but the tree roots are in the way. Is there anything I can put there that doesn't need to be planted very deep and does well without much direct sunlight?



we bought " contractors ' seed with mostly "creeping red fesque" plus small percentages of 2 differnt rye seed I THINK IT WAS SCOTT $40. a 10 lb bag (l think) we grew grass in places we never could in 16 years of trying. good luck. Don't forget to add enough top soil to cover roots."

17 May, 2008


How about Vinca minor? They spread and are very pretty. You can get variegated leaved ones, white, mauve and purple..

17 May, 2008


Also try Ajuga or Japanese Spurge (Pachysandra).

17 May, 2008


If all else fails, plant ivy, I did that in our yard under lots of shade trees and I keep the ivy in check by putting large rocks around it. The ivy trys to grow over the rocks but I trim it with the shrub trimmer to keep it neat and it just flourishes inside the rocks. It never grows beyond the rocks though. It will grow up trees, so I keep it pulled off the trees.

17 May, 2008


Have you thought of some of the Lamium (Dead Nettle)? There are some fantastic forms with nearly all silver leaves that will add a bit of light below the maple and poor soil and shade doesn't seem to stop Lamium maculatum!

18 May, 2008

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