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I've used organic compost as a soil ammendment/fertilizer in my perrenial gardens for years and nothing else. I just read an article on line which stated that a general fertilizer should be used along with the compost. Is this true? Thanks in advance.



I would not think it necessary. In fact, apart from an occasional mulch of garden compost, I do not feed my herbaceous perennials because the more you feed them, the bigger and faster they grow, but they also grow WEAKER. Highly fed plants are much more likely to succum to pests and diseases. They are more vulnerable to drought and they blow over in the wind! I prefer smaller, tougher plants - they still look good! :-)

17 May, 2008


i put some organic chicken manure on mine as i dont have my own compost (yet). smells pretty terrible though.

18 May, 2008


I use chicken manure pellets mixed in with my garden compost when I plant anything. Not many, though, as I do think that Sid has a point - too much fertiliser can cause lush growth which may not be desirable.

18 May, 2008


Thats very a interesting i will cut back im just starting a garden and ive been putting quite a lot in with every new plant.

21 May, 2008

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