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My tree was planted over 8 weeks ago and was thriving. Its a goldrush and is now very dry with the pins falling off. I am watering regularly and it is planted in a lawn in full sun. What is wrong?


By Piotr

United Kingdom Gb

Help please - i am now woried and watering like mad!!

On plant Metasequoia



Hi Piotr and welcome to GoY... what is your soil like? Metasequoia require an acidic soil. Take a look at for info.

Also when you say you water regularly just how regularly do you mean? Even if it is raining you need to water a new tree every day.

Than we come to the, how big a hole did you dig, did you spread the roots our rather than leaving as a tight root ball?

Thinking back 8 weeks we had that incredibly hot period... could just have stressed the new tree too much.

7 Aug, 2009


thanks - i think the hole was big enough and i have no clue on the acidity of the soil. its in a lawn does that mean anything?

i am however watering more as i did sometimes not do it when raining. water is delivered every day now.

thanks for your help - fingers crossed.


9 Aug, 2009


I suspect something else here. Metasequoia can take very moist soils so presumably the watering is not an issue though I do with respect to MG say that watering a tree every day (depending on what it actually is) can be too excessive in some cases though not this.

What fertiliser did you use if any when planting. If you used compost, what did you use and did you just fill the hole with compost or mix it with your soil?

9 Aug, 2009


Sorry Fractal I should have been clear I was talking about the Metasequoia needing serious watering!

10 Aug, 2009

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