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how do i take cuttings from geraniums and when

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i have some beautiful plants and would like to keep them



dont havea reference. only joined today,05 o8 2009

5 Aug, 2009


welcome to GoY Rosieray,
when you say geraniums do you mean the hardy perennial ones or the annual bedding ones that are really pelargoniums?

They can both be propagated the same way but the pelargoniums need to be kept frost free.

chose a stem that isnt in flower and cut it about 3-4" long. gently pull off the lover leaves until you have about 2" of bare stem. Push stem into a gritty compost around the edges of the pot. then water and keep barely moist, in good light. You could use rooting powder if you want though it shouldnt be necessary.

with pelargoniums i dont usualy water them till the next day then i water sparingly to prevent rot.

hope this helps.

5 Aug, 2009


Hi Rosieray...try Crazydi's latest blog too!

5 Aug, 2009

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