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When to cut the agapanthus back


By Jackieh

Alabama, United States Us

I have about 30 plants thru out my gardens. I know hardly nothing about them. They have all bloomed and the flowers have fallen apart now and all I basically have is stems. Should I cut them back to the ground? Or just the stem. I see where some of the plants are turning and getting soft. It is not for lack of nutrients.. The have gotten that. What is your opinion

On plant Agapanthus



Well, agapanthus are a noxious weed and spring back whenever you prune - we used to cut back ours all the time as the grew along a driveway and could make reversing hard if they grew too long :o)
But they went NUTS and we pulled them out eventually.
Anyway, you probably won't kill them even if you mutilate them with a chainsaw or something. But I would probably just pull the flower stems out at this stage if you want them looking lush (I have to admit, severed agapanthus leaves aren't a good look). And when I say pull, I mean pull: you'd be surprised at how easily they come out of the plant, you probably don't need secateurs.

Hope this helps (I do rabbit on, don't I?)

4 Aug, 2009


I would certainly cut the stems off at the base of the stem. unless you want seeds of course.

4 Aug, 2009


I wish my agapanthus grew like a noxious weed! I have mine in a pot and they are so contrary. I have one flower this year. I want fields of them!!

4 Aug, 2009


oh yes i agree cammomile.

4 Aug, 2009


I agree with Camomile too . My potted Agapanthus are really reluctant to bloom. Bit better this year but still disapointing. Perhaps Guerilla gardeners could take note and plant them out on their sites as a really persitent plant.

4 Aug, 2009


I agree. I have waited three years for mine to flower.They're in a pot inherited from my mother. She planted some "super duper, enormous blue ones" - her words. Three years on they' are now in flower - guess what - they're white!!

4 Aug, 2009


My potted agapanthus used to be a poor turn- out until I started feeding them about once a month with my other pots through out the whole year and now they are fantastic loads of flowers ,when I say feed, I pour in a splash of tomato liquid feed into a large watering can !
easy peasy

29 Aug, 2015

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