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Eleagnus maculata problem

West Somerset, England Eng

Has anybody seen an Eleagnus do this before? Its leaves are going golden and dropping off - is there anything I can do please?

On plant Eleagnus maculata




Hello Spritzhenry,

I have seen similar in E. ebbingii and believe in that case a viral infection was diagnosed. Elaeagnus do respond well to being pruned hard back to healthy wood and I would suggest if no other offers are made you should seek to prune out all the infected wood back to a healthy dormant bud zone about 3 to 4 inches into the healthy wood. Only make cuts on healthy wood to avoid any potential cross contamination and burn the removed branches. Hope this works for you.

15 May, 2008


Thank you - Oh dear! It'll be a HUUUUGE job!

16 May, 2008

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