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Can anyone identify this plant please?


By Pasuki

essex, United Kingdom Gb

I bought it from our village fete but it didn't have a label. It has been in flower for about a month now and attracts lots of bees.




I think it may be Japanese Catnip (Schizonepeta kokanica) if the leaves are mint scented it will confirm.

2 Aug, 2009


No - sorry, Davey, but I'm pretty certain that it is Linaria purpurea. It will seed itself if you leave it without dead-heading! Sometimes the seedlings come up pink, as well as purple!

2 Aug, 2009


It looks like it could be purple toadflax, a nice plant, Linaria purpurea
Seeds freely too and sometimes you get pink and white copies too.

2 Aug, 2009


SNAP, Sbg!! I pressed 'submit' just before you did - and I'm glad we agree. :-)

2 Aug, 2009


hello and good evening spritz. great minds.....

2 Aug, 2009



2 Aug, 2009


We view it as a weed and remove... sorry!

2 Aug, 2009


Don't be sorry - it'd be a strange world if we all liked the same plants!

2 Aug, 2009


i have a little bit but weed it from the rest of the garden.

2 Aug, 2009


And me. A big clump grew in my back garden border - out it went - it looked awful!

I have got 'Canon Went', though - it's a great plant! :-)

2 Aug, 2009


Many thanks for all of your replies. It doesn't smell of mint, so I'll go with Linaria Purpurea. I definitely won't be treating it as a weed as I like it and it has been admired by people who have seen it. The bees love it too! Sounds like I will need to keep it under control though to stop it spreading too much.

3 Aug, 2009


Are you sure it doesnt smell even just a little of mint?
Im so so sad now :-(

4 Aug, 2009


Please don't be sad Davey2009, I was so happy that you took the time to send me a reply. :-)

4 Aug, 2009

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