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Impatiens omeiana.
I have been given a very crowded pot of this plant. Told it is hardy and prefers shade. Does any one grow it and if so any hints/tips please.



Plantoholic does.

9 Oct, 2012


I do. It's done almost too well this year in the damp conditions. I've had it for five years now so it has survived the last two winters. It may look sorry for itself during dry periods but soon perks up after rain

9 Oct, 2012


Thanks Drc.

Andrew questions now how much shade will it tolerate, 2.would under a beech tree be too dry? 3. does it divide well? 4. does it flower well 5. how tall does it tend to get [I know this will be variable depending on weather etc]?

10 Oct, 2012


SBG - I'll try to answer your further questions.

1. Not heavy shade but part shade. I'm growing it on the north side of a flowering crab, about six feet from the trunk
2. Much too dry, it does need a moist soil
3. It's stoloniferous so should divide well
4. It flowers late in the season (September/Octiber) but the leaves are attractive in their own right, being yellow-green with a paler stripe down the middle
5. About 18 inches tall on average

It's on the websites for Larch Cottage Nursery and Crug Farm.

Hope this helps

10 Oct, 2012


thanks for the info Andrew, you are a treasure. :o)

10 Oct, 2012


Not a buried treasure I hope!!! :-D

10 Oct, 2012


nor in a sunken chest haha!

10 Oct, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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