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Rose Bush Leaves


By Piddy

Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

I have a Rose Bush in a pot on my patio the Roses look lovely but the leaves always look horrible like something has been eating them, do slugs and snails like the leaves as we have loads in the garden although I have never seen one on the Rose Bush, I can't see anything else on it either, what do you think is the best thing to do? I don't use slug or snail stuff as I have cats and dogs.

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If the nibbled bits are perfect half circles, then it could be leaf cutter bees. Or possibly vine weevil? Any chance of a photo? Brown/black spots will be black spot. This can be minimised by clearing away fallen leaves.

5 Oct, 2012


At this time of the year none of them have perfect leaves with autumn coming up fast.

5 Oct, 2012


Thanks for the replies the Rose Bush has been like it all year so it is nothing to do with that, I will try and get a photo tomorrow if it stops raining.

5 Oct, 2012


At my place of work we have a bed infested with vine weevil. They are attracted to to the rose bush as much as their other favourites. Very distinctive cut-outs on leaf edges. Yes a photo will help the experts here to help you.

6 Oct, 2012


Photos added could it be Sawfly?

6 Oct, 2012


Doesn't look like vine weevil.

6 Oct, 2012

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