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Washington filifera care tips


By Tbell

United Kingdom Gb

Brought a small washington filifera two weeks ago, re-potted and put in the garden. Tips of leaves were brown at the time and now browness has progressed to most of leaves. Have watered but may have watered too much. Is this possible, also may be in a windy part of the garden. what is your advice on general care and where have i gone wrong?

On plant Washingtonia filifera



The oldest leaves on palms usually turn brown and die, after which you can clip them off. How does the main leaf spear in the center look? It it is firm and green, your plant should be okay. You should also give the spear a gentle tug. If it is firmly attached, then it should be fine. If it comes out, or feels like it might, it may be rotting. W. filifera is a pretty undemanding palm. I would keep the soil moist, but not drenched or soggy.

Best of luck to you.

13 May, 2008

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