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What is the Ways of Flower Gardening



Sorry Flowerstore can you amplify your question please so we know what you want to know...

4 Oct, 2012


I am beginning to think Flowerstore is a wind up look at the previous entries and the next one?

4 Oct, 2012


Im beginning to think the same Drc.

4 Oct, 2012


Agree with comments but noticed they are in India they maybe a language problem.

4 Oct, 2012


Not seen the next one yet... perhaps the GoYer's name give us a hint and they think they are advertising? Yes Steve could just be a language problem.

4 Oct, 2012


Well todays posting looks as if an advert is on the way?

5 Oct, 2012


Not the question the person's GoY name... Sorry been down to another SRGC meeting!

6 Oct, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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