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when should I cut down my foxgloves, flax and rose campion and do I cut them to the ground?

London, United Kingdom Gb

These plants have all finished in my bed, looking past their sell-by date and Im not sure what I do with them now.

On plant digitalis, linum and lychnis.



Cut the Foxgloves back and they may well flower again next year. I would leave one or two stems on some to self-seed or you will gradually find you have no more new plants!

(Lychnis coronaria) Rose Campion can like the Foxglove be biennial or short lived perennial so may be worth doing the same as Foxglove and leave just a few stems but cut the rest back (flower stems only in both cases) leaving the basal rosette of leaves.

The rest, I would wait until they have set seed and their pods split to release seed.

20 Jul, 2009

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