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Why are my Aichryson leaves yellowing?


By Cjs109

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I bought a small Aichryson Laxum in Manitou Springs, CO a few weeks ago. I transported it back to Pennsylvania in a car, and it seemed to be doing well (it wasn't bumped or severely jostled during the trip). I've been watering it about once a week, following the advice the clerk at the greenhouse where I bought it gave me. Some of the leaves are now yellowing, and a few have turned brown or white. Any insight into what the problem is or tips for care would be appreciated. Thanks.

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As far as I know, these plants need very little watering, unless the weather is very hot (not sure about your climate there) and needs a bit of shade and temperatures no lower than 5 degrees C. White leaves on plants often means too low a temperature - is there a big difference in the temperature of the place where you bought the plant, and where you are keeping it now? It might just be shocked by its change of environment. I'd try reducing the watering to once a fortnight, and only about a glassful or two then, though I don't know how big the plant you have is. The yellowing and then browning could be too much water.

19 Jul, 2009


A succulent grower friend of mine who used to collect the various species from their native Canary Islands told me that they are pretty much monocarpic (die after flowering). Has yours flowered yet?

21 Jul, 2009


Thanks for the responses.

There isn't too much of a temperature difference between where I bought the plant and where I have it now. I bought it in kind of a sun room, and my house is fairly consistently around 74 F. I'd guess maybe a ten degree change at most. I'm wondering if the drive home exposed the plant to some rapidly changing temperatures, which is very possible.

And no, mine hasn't flowered yet. It's only about four inches tall at the moment. From what I've read online, it doesn't seem like it should flower anytime soon.

Thanks again.

23 Jul, 2009

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