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What to plant under pine trees?

United States

We have a massize pine tree in our front yard which drops needles and cones throughout the year. (We live in mid-Michigan). Nothing is growing under the tree (we bought this house 3 years ago). I would really like to plant something!

Can we plant GRASS of a shady variety under this tree? The needles make the ground quite acidic, I believe.

Should we plant a groundcover? We have vinca growing in a section right by this section of our yard. Should we just continue on with vinca?

Any feedback anyone in the know could give would be so appreciated!



Depending on the type of pine, the roots may be quite close to the surface. That makes it difficult to dig down and plant anything! But ground covers do fine - you can use more than one type for visual interest. For color, remember you can add various height/size pots and plant any shade plants you want. That is less expensive than experimenting with what "might" grow under your tree, and can be done in a day ......

14 May, 2008


I live in Michigan also and have three very large White Pine Trees. I have planted the ground cover 'creeping myrtle' and it looks great.

14 May, 2008

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