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Is this a vibernum?


By Rekbhk

Plant has grown about 8' tall with several shuts off the base. Starts with sort of a white not quite flower, goes to a red berry bunch which then turns a deep blue?




The leaves and growing shoots look like Viburnum but the berries don't appear to belong to the same plant!!!

30 Jul, 2007


Thanks much,Im not sure either, but someone told me that and the berries sure are on the same plant. Thanks again.

30 Jul, 2007


I think it may be either a Viburnum Lantana or a Viburnum Lantanoides. Were the not quite flowere like a small lace-cap hydrangea flower - ie some of the cluster open, some not? If so, it's Lantanoides...I guess :-)

30 Jul, 2007


Yes it was sort of a cluster about 2/3" across not quite open, sort of bunchy like cauliflower going to seed.Thanks for the help, sounds like the Lantanoides.

30 Jul, 2007

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