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Spinning gum tree


By Lozzman

United Kingdom Gb

My spinning gum tree has been fine until the last few days and the leaves are turning brown. I wonder if it has been over watered by the amount of rain we`ve had recently.Is there anything I can do to save it?

On plant Eucalyptus



Some questions for you
How old is the plant?
Where is it growing - in a pot or the ground?
Is it Eucalyptus gunnii?

16 Jul, 2009


I`m not sure how old it is but it was at bthe nursery for about a year before I bought it.

It`s in a pot - should I replant it?

It`s eucalyptus perriniana.

16 Jul, 2009


I'm sorry, I asked the wrong question - I meant how long had you had the plant.
Anyway, if its in a pot, that'll be the problem I'd imagine - this wants to get 33 feet high, and eucalyptus are known for being deep rooting trees, so even though this one grows fairly slowly for a eucalypt, it still wants to put its long roots down into the soil. Hopefully you can find a place for it in the soil, not too close to the house.

16 Jul, 2009


And make sure you really spread the roots out - they are very inclined to follow the way they have been growing round the pot, grow straight up then fall over.

16 Jul, 2009


Thanks very much for your help, I`ll do that.

17 Jul, 2009


Spinning Gum is one of the best for coppicing ie cutting old stems hard back in spring and allowing the new shoots to grow up. I would plant it as said above and give it say two seasons grace without any pruning, then cut hard back and you will be amazed how this transforms the plant with loads of shoots sprouting from everywhere. Looks great left as a small tree with it's long adult foliage too but can be a sparse crown in this species.

18 Jul, 2009

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