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Can an an Electric Water feature be converted to Solar


By Jan55

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have an electric fountain which seems to be an attraction for dirty water, algae and creatures.
I have it on from time to time, It as water additives.
My solar water features are so much easier to clean, maybe its the the structure of the thing, think it will have to go...



Pumps in ponds and fountains all need regular cleaning to keep them working effectively. As for converting to solar, if your pump is a mains one, and operates on AC 230v, you can't. Solar panels generate DC current which you have to store in batteries. You'd need an inverter to run from the batteries which would be expensive and inefficient. You can buy low power 12v pumps though.

16 Jul, 2009


Or buy a solar pump, but probably pricey!

16 Jul, 2009

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