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Yellow Bamboo Leaves

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Can anybody help my bamboo which is in a pot and I've had for approx. 18 months has lots of new shoots growing but the old leaves are turning yellow. This sometimes happens in winter but turns green again in summer. The leaves started to go yellow about a week after the warm weather. I know wind damage can turn the leaves yellow but we've not really had a lot of this. Does anybody know the cause. Many thanks Janet



As its been in the pot for 18 months, it might be that its now potbound, which means there's not enough room for the roots, and not enough soil left to hold moisture, so during the heatwave, presumably you watered, but the plant probably needed more than you could give because it can't hold onto water for the reasons mentioned earlier.
Turn it out of the pot to see what condition its in.

14 Jul, 2009


I did change the pot last summer to a larger one and it was very difficult ended up having the break the pot as it wouldn't come out. I really don't want to break this pot as it was quite expensive. Think I may wait and see what happens in next few weeks if there is no improvement may have to go down this route. Many thanks for the advice. Janet

14 Jul, 2009


The best thing to do is remove the bulk of the wands, leaving only fresh green ones or cutting all the canes down to ground level

14 Jul, 2009


Give it a bit of general purpose food too. My black stemmed bamboo looked a bit peaky until recently but is now greening up.

15 Jul, 2009

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