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Busy Lizzies

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I have grown busy lizzies from seed. They are growing tall not bushing out and they have so many tiny leaves and very many buds on them at the bottom of the plant, but they do not seem to be getting any bigger. The bud and leaf is dying off before it can develop any further.
Any ideas what is wrong?



try taking the buds of and let the plant put the energy into the roots and leaves.I pick all the buds off till later in the season.Hope that helps

11 May, 2008


I agree with Bren. My Busy Lizzies are very slow this year and they were bought as plugs

11 May, 2008


Just what I was going to say. I have nipped all mine in the bud and that usually makes 'em nice and bushy.

Lucky you groing then from seed. Never had much luck with seeds, but I try to get as many self sown plants as I can over the winter


11 May, 2008


When you say they're growing tall, makes me think they might be stretching for the light - put them somewhere sunny!

11 May, 2008


l live in a flat and bought 2 double busy liz been pinching out middles keep them on window sill one is great the other ones leaves are curling up and dropping off dont look happy at all tryed repotting it in new compost but still the same

24 Oct, 2008

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