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Can I plant Broad Beans in August?

Worcester, United Kingdom Gb

Any chance of putting in some more broad beans at this time of year ? I have harvested the last of the ones I planted very early this year,and they did seem to mature very quickly.

On plant Vicia faba (Broad bean)



Perfectly possible .

30 Jul, 2007


Thankyou Wyeboy for your reply,I shall stick a few in individual pots in my small greenhouse to get them started,and hope to get some more.

30 Jul, 2007


If you use an early qiick maturing variety you should be OK, I have just put in french beans and another crop of peas in, plus turnips, autumn carrots, giant winter spinach and spring greens

30 Jul, 2007


Many thanks Tussiemussie. Tell me please,do the seeds for he broad beans need to be the usual dried up seed,or can I use the largest of the fully matured bean,which is still green,from this years crop ?

30 Jul, 2007

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