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lilac bush

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I have a lilac bush that very beautiful, However it was damaged in an ice storm this winter and now looks like one half is growing sideways it still bloomed but looks very odd can i fix the problem with prop-ups and rope



Two or three years ago we had a similar problem with our lilac tree. The neighbours' conifer hedge had been allowed to grow as high as the eves of the house and overhang the lilac by about two ot three feet. The poor lilac grew lopsided to gain sunlight. It had stopped flowering and started suckering. We removed the suckers, trimmed it to shape and then tied it to a strong fence / post with an old pair of tights. The gusset formed a band round the lilac's main stem. Each year since the legs of the tights have been shortened to gradually pull the lilac upright . This year it looks 'normal' and has flowered.
So yes, I believe you can fix the problem as you suggest.

13 May, 2008

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