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is my oak tree okay

east sussex, United Kingdom Gb

the tenant before me tried to push down a ten year old oak tree in the garden the leaves now look wilted all the time please can anyboby advise me thank you bamboo but i forgot to say that i have straightened it up ten months ago but leaves look wilted it is planted in an ex building site and clay



Difficult one as its not your property, presumably. You can either try to persuade it over time to come back to upright by staking and tying, or it should be removed - this should be a job for your landlord, if you tell him its dangerous cos its leaning.

8 Jul, 2009


Its roots were probably damaged when pushed and is still suffering from the initial pushing. As it been hot recently, the roots that would have origionally taken up water would have suffered. Try soaking over a long time ( a gentle trickle to let it permeate down rather than a waterfall!) and staking it on the windward side to help stabilise it and prevent further wind rock and damage

8 Jul, 2009

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