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Can anyone identify a bright green bug found on my thornless blackberry?


By Queenie

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

It looks like a small grasshopper with long articulated legs but smaller and without the 'hopping' legs I think it's eating the leaves, leaving large chewed holes and chewed through the growing tip - grrrr!



Isits body shield shaped? if so it a Green Shirled bug (although the long articulated legs makes me think not), Perfectly fine and not a pest, Good as it eats bad bugs, a pic would be nice if possible

7 Jul, 2009


No not a shield bug - they are flatter and bigger will try to get pic, as I have the offender in a jar!

7 Jul, 2009


It sounds a bit to me like the Rose Chafer (Cetonia Aurata)

8 Jul, 2009


there are many species of grass hoppers and their juvenile look like mini adults minus the wings. so it could well be a grasshopper or a cricket.

8 Jul, 2009


does it look like this?

i was thinking it was a grasshopper, but now i'm not sure.

9 Jul, 2009


Yes! Tmg25 that is exactly the blighter - you're kinder than me -mine is lanquishing in a jar til I can identify it - do you know what it is? a rose chafer as Telme suggests?

9 Jul, 2009

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