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North of Auckland, New Zealand

I have a Cheales weeping flowering cherry that for the second spring season since planting hasn't flowered. It has full sun was well watered in when first planted and gets a little wind off the sea. It has a lot of new growth so at least we know it isnt dead! Any help to get this tree to flower would be appreciated



Probably still settling in and concentrating on root growth. I bet it flowers next year, even if not very profusely. Just be patient!

23 Sep, 2012


Thanks for that, have to say not the most patient of people and had thought 2nd year might be the one Oh well looking forward to next spring :)

24 Sep, 2012


Gardeners motto "Oh well, never mind, there's always next year..."

24 Sep, 2012


Thanks Steragram not holding my breath tho!

25 Sep, 2012

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