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looks like rhubarb


By Henri

Ontario, Canada Ca

I have a large amount of a plant that looks like rhubarb and right now it has a red and purple flower on what looks like a seed stalk. The flower does not tower over the leaves, it is about the same height. The leaves are slightly more rounded on the edges than rhubarb and it seemed to survive under the snow and looks much the same now as it did in fall except for the flowers, they came with spring. Does anybody have any idea what this is and is it edible. My mom wants to eat it.



Can you post a photo?

10 May, 2008


Hi Sid,

I wasn't sure how to do it so I put them on my profile page. I hope you can access them there. Let me know if you can't I will get help to post them. Thanks

11 May, 2008


Sid, I forgot to mention that bees love this stuff.

11 May, 2008


Looks like bergenia cordifolia to me. My father has a rhubarb plant in full bloom right now and it doesn't look anything like yours, so please don't let your mom eat it.

11 May, 2008


I agree with Flcrazy, and pleeease don't eat it :-)

13 May, 2008


Yes thanks for your replies, I believe that is what it is too. Do either or you have any idea whether it can be cut back and if so when? The previous owner let it get quite messy looking, but the flower is lovely. Thanks Henri

13 May, 2008


I don't think it is the tidiest of plants in its growing habits, but after flowering remove faded flower-heads and apply a slow-release fertilizer around the plant, Henri. That should gradually perk it up. The optimum time to lift and divide large clumps is in early spring here in the UK. How does our weather pattern compare with yours in Ontario ?

14 May, 2008

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