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vine weevil?
help! just about to plant a salix caprea and taken it out of pot and it has lots of white sort of fluffy bits around it. some of which have tiny little grubs. only about 2mm in length but some r even smaller. r these vine weevils that are just hatching? I hv only ever seen adults. what should I do not plant it in the garden?




ummm think it could b root mealybug :-(

now I stumped. don't know weather to wash it off and plant in garden. think I will wait for some advice first!

22 Sep, 2012


Root aphids. Wash the roots clean and plant straight away. Actually it will not do the tree much harm at this time of year. Just spread the roots out in the planting hole and water it well in.

22 Sep, 2012


I have never even heard of them! wonder if I will learn about them on my rhs course? lol

thank u owdboggy :-)

22 Sep, 2012


ps. I know it's dead root bound btw! the garden centre were selling it off cheap and it looked fine really. I didn't inspect the root ball though :-(

22 Sep, 2012


Definitely root mealy bug. Paint what you can see with meths on a small brush, then shake and/wash off as much soil as you can, open the roots out and treat the rest in the same way. It many well have penetrated right into the root ball. You'll have to let it dry a bit to see them again if you wash it. Washing with water does help but doesn't necessarily clear it all. It tends to be worse in pot bound plants for some reason and once it is repotted it should be OK.

23 Sep, 2012


thank u for your help :-)

25 Sep, 2012

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