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Lancashire, United Kingdom

What is the best way to store begonias over winter. I'm a but confused as I've read to either leave them till the first frost then lift and dry and store or to put in shed/ greenhouse and water them occasionally then withhold water altogether. I accidentally threw some in my compost last year and they started to grow and produced lovely flowers . Might do that is all else fails :-)). Many thanks



I used to wait until they no longer flowered, took off the stems, lifted the corms and kept them somewhere cool and dry in a paper bag, then re-potted them again in late spring. Watch out for weevil grubs in the soil.

22 Sep, 2012


If you are referring to tuberous begonias and they are in pots, once they finish flowering tip the pots onto their sides and leave to dry out. Once dry take off any remaining foliage (it usually breaks off quite easily), brush as much soil off the tuber as you can, and then leave for a week or so in a dry place (I put mine in a tray in a cold greenhouse). Once completely dry, brush off any remaining soil and dust each tuber with yellow sulphur powder (sold in garden centres). I then keep them in old washing up bowls covered in old dry compost under the greenhouse bench. If the weather gets really cold lay a couple of layers of fleece over the bowls.

The most important point is that they must be dry before storing or they will get mould.

22 Sep, 2012

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