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Hi All.

About a month ago i built a pergoda and treated it with creosote substitute, it is standing off a north facing wood fence, could you suggest a climber (not Clematis as i have a few) that would cover, and would this be ok to plant now or wait untill spring when the creosote has soaked in. Thank you in advance.



Climbing Hydrangea would work fine in a north facing position.

21 Sep, 2012


Passiflora and Akebia quinata are worth considering. The first is best planted in spring anyway, gives it the summer to get established before suffering a winter. If the creosote substitute was water based, you don't need to worry about leaving it to soak in, you can plant as soon as its dry.

21 Sep, 2012


Passiflora in a north facing position? Akebia yes (Chocolate Vine) but Passion flower I would only put in south facing sunny positions.

22 Sep, 2012


So would I, given the choice, Kildermorie, and it does flower best in a south facing position, but they do grow in shadier aspects.

23 Sep, 2012

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