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Last march2011,I bought a Lemon Tree in Spain and planted it back in my garden in Kent,during the snow and frost the leaves fell off and I thought it had died,today I noticed that where I had re-planted the stem by a wall its suddenly growing leaves and branches! now should I just leave it or MUST I bring inside? I was thinking maybe it could become a hardy Lemon Tree?



Lemon trees can be frost hardy, esp the Southern and coastal parts of the UK BUT the problem is a hard frost can defoliate it and or reduce it to roots, as you have seen. I doubt you will get a crop ever due to this - just leaves. It is up to you if you think it is worth keeping.

20 Sep, 2012


Thank-you very much

20 Sep, 2012


We keep ours in a pot and stand it out until the frosts, then in a frost free light area.....and hope for the best.....we've only had them a year

21 Sep, 2012

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