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Shrub ID
I bought one of those trays with 6 winter flowering plants - mainly shrubs. I can ID 5 but am not sure about this one.....Can anyone help please?
My thought was just plain old privet - I hope not :))

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Afraid I don't know either Scottish, but it does have great leaf colour, shall keep checking for positive ID......:))

20 Sep, 2012


I think it might be Coprosma. I was watering it today at work and checked the label as I forgot the name earlier.

20 Sep, 2012


I think you've got it Kasy - just googled and images seem to fit. Spritzhenry has a blog on them a few years back.
Not hardy (bl**dy typical) - I'll have to find it a wee pot on it's own and cover for winter.
Janey - it's leaf colour is nice and very shiny - although it was raining - they were shiny when dry. The common name is Mirror Plant.
Bilbo....From a distance it looks like privet - hence I convinced myself it was :)

20 Sep, 2012


:) glad I could help.
So many times you read the label with the description - very often doesn't say the plant is not fully hardy.
If I had a garden centre of my own I would sell only fully hardy plants, lol

21 Sep, 2012


There's hardy in average winters and then there's hardy in the winter before last

21 Sep, 2012


I would have the same Kasy - I think the trouble with national GCs - their labeling systems cover UK wide - therefore the difference between say Cornwall and Inverness isn't taken into account.
Andrew - you are right re winter before last it was a bad one!! On the other side of that - I left Gladioli bulbs in the ground last year, they survived and are flowering beautifully. Just shows how mild/dry it was up here last winter.

21 Sep, 2012


They just say on the label what is the lowest temperature the plant can stand. But I guess it would put a lot of people off from buying those plants, lol

23 Sep, 2012

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