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I have grown these Streptrocarpus form leaf cuttings. Are they big enough to seperate and plant up or shall I leave them. I will not be around for most of October so is it a job I should do beforehand.
Many thanks

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If you were going to be here I would say pot them, but they might stand a better chance in the larger soil area of their present container if they are going to have to fend for themselves. They look very healthy! Hope you have someone to keep an eye on your plants while you're away.

20 Sep, 2012


Many thanks Steregram
Yes I have someone checking on my plants( I have loads of cuttings and over 100 plug plants which are doing very well also - eek) . I think seeing as I have so many potential plants I might put some in pots and keep the rest as they are. I am so chuffed with them and will be gutted if they don't survive!! I really shouldn't go away fir so long !! Thanks again

20 Sep, 2012


What are you going to do in your spare time??

21 Sep, 2012


Spare time - what are those two words :-)). I'm afraid I'm one of those that gardening comes before housework - well according to my friends anything comes before housework LOL..

22 Sep, 2012


I don't think you are alone in that on here! In fact, just remind me - what was housework again?

23 Sep, 2012

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