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What to do for a ailing Actinidia?

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My Actinidia is looking very sorry for itself. I bought it from a good nursery and it thrived initially. I planted it on a sunny wall with partial shade as instructed and it's been well watered through this dry spell. The leaves are dry and crispy and there seems to be very little new growth. Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

On plant Actinidia Kolomikta



Despite your saying you water it regularly, this does sound like not enough moisture. When you planted it, how close to the wall did you place the rootball? How long ago did you put it in? What time of day does the "partial shade" occur?

3 Jul, 2009


Check the bottom of the main stem as well. Cats love rubbing against it and may have caused damage

3 Jul, 2009


Thanks for answering! It is quite close to the wall (within inches) as I thought it would need this for support. I planted it in early May. The shade occurs after midday.

I noticed one new shoot at the bottom last night and was wondering if and when to cut it back.
Any thoughts please?

4 Jul, 2009


Personally I would be inclined to leave all the growth on for a couple of weeks to see if it starts to shoot anywhere else

4 Jul, 2009


Thanks very much - I'll post any improvements!!

5 Jul, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I noticed some cat poo very close to the Actinidia, so listening carefully to you all, I:

1 Put some mesh around the base of the plant.

2. Cut back the bad growth to a good bud

3. Added some ericaceous soil on a friend's advice

AND I'm glad to report that the plant seems to have recovered and be thriving!! Cross fingers for continued improvement and thanks for the advice.

7 Aug, 2009


I'm glad there's an improvement, but it might, as much as anything, be due to the excessive rain we've been having. The point of asking how close to the wall you'd planted is because no plant should be less than a foot away from a wall, because its such a dry place to be. Usual advice is to plant a foot away at a slight angle so that the topgrowth leans against, or gets near, the support you want it to grow up. Hopefully, as its recovered, it will now be spreading its roots far and wide to cope with any future dryness.

7 Aug, 2009


It is possibly too close to the wall - 9 ins - but I'm loathe to move it unless it returns to the same sorry state again unless you think it would take it? ie survive the move.

Thanks for your interest

8 Aug, 2009

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