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Planting bluebells seeds.

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I have been rather successful in nurturing a crop of native English bluebells in a shady area of my garden.

They are now starting to produce seeds which I am collecting and preparing to plant.

So my question is: What is the best method and manner of planting bluebell seeds? (not bulbs)


The count is up to 952 (!!) and that's nearly all the seed pods opened now.

So, I'm waiting for the other plants to die back a little and then I shall proceed.

any advice on whether I should pre-treat the seeds before planting by putting them in the fridge. Quite a few websites seem to think this is a good idea.
Since our winters are getting warmer, the trick is supposed to help trigger the germination.

On plant Hyacinthoides non-scripta



I remember someone saying on Gardeners' Question Time that it takes several years (four?) from seed to flowering bulbs. But if you are patient, it's a great way of increasing stocks.
I await others' answers too with interest as I'm keen to establish some bluebells in a little wood we have that has no spring bulbs at all at present.

2 Jul, 2009


The best way to sow your blubell seeds is in the area in which you want them to grow. It is the way they mature in the woods without human help.

2 Jul, 2009


well done aswel

x x x

2 Jul, 2009


Thanks everyone.

384 - as of tonight and still about half the pods have yet to open!

I'm planning on using a grid to even space the seeds and bury in about 4 cms holes but then cover the whole are with new soil increasing the depth by about another 2 cms.

Is that deep enough / too deep?

Regarding time to germinate. I managed to buy some seeds 2 years ago and from those I replanted that seeds which led to this years bumper crop! So from my own observations (and plenty of watering with a good fertiliser) the turn around time is annual.

2 Jul, 2009


I don't think I would go anywhere near that deep with them - they just fall on the surface in the wild.

3 Jul, 2009


Hmm I've done a bit more reading since I posted that. They mention that frost and cold helps germination. and recommend storing the seeds temporarily in the fridge!!

Any ideas about that one? :-P

3 Jul, 2009

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