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hello this plant /weed has taken over two of my flowers beds (about 30 square feet each). It is thick, flat across the gound no sign of climbing at all. No more than 1 foot high, can't remember seeing any flowering and the roots, i think, are about 1 foot down?Help i need to get rid of this as would like to resow the flower beds to grass (leaving major plants/ trees in the beds) have hired a very small digger as have other things to dig up roots etc elsewhere and was considering digging and then forking the roots and plants outand sewing grass seed what do you think?

Photo_on_2012_09_18_at_11.00 Photo_on_2012_09_18_at_11.01



I dont like the look of this? Can I ask if the leaves are opposite each other or not?

18 Sep, 2012


Looks like dock leaves to me, very handy if you've been nettled ! (and a bit similar to the dreaded Japanese knotweed) hope not!

18 Sep, 2012


Looks very like the small Comfrey we have. Not like the tall blue flowered one, in that the leaves are less hairy and the flowers are pale yellow.

18 Sep, 2012


Well that sounds better than I thought it might be, as I dreaded it might be JKW?

18 Sep, 2012


thanks to all for your info. it has been greatly helpful. will let you know how i get on

18 Sep, 2012


Just a word of warning though - if it is comfrey it will come again from any little bit of root left in.

18 Sep, 2012


how many feet down should I excuvate?

18 Sep, 2012


If it is the dwarf one which we have then it does not have to deep roots of the taller types, but what roots there are do tend to be persistent (any left will grow). The roots on ours only go down a few inches or so.

19 Sep, 2012

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