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This weekend I was given a fig tree which was in a pot now just a root ball it is about 5 feet tall and leggy I am not sure what to do with it where do i plant it for the best results and what sort of soil do they like HELP!!! I will asppreciate any advice on this subject thanks polytunnel



In a sheltered place in front of a wall. Restrict the root run - some people even build a sort or inverted brick "tower" in the ground to keep the roots confined.

15 Sep, 2012


I have one growing in a pot in my polytunnel. It is in a pot measuring 15" across and it will stay there for a couple of more years at least. Mine wasn't so much leggy as just one stem. I pruned it back in February and now there are 5 branches. I also give it a weekly water and feed to which it has responded to well.

16 Sep, 2012


thanks for your help and advice on the subject of my fig tree

16 Sep, 2012

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