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i have bought some plants etc clematis, camellia, jasmine,lavatera olbia,polenlulla mango tango and solanum glasnevin, my problem is some of these at maturity grow to 2m-6m. i only have a border of 10sq feet and have been told these plants will spread to far and will grow to high for this border, and the roots of some if planted together will choke each other. could you tell me if this is true? and if so, give me advice as what to do.



Do you really mean that your plot is only five feet by two feet? If so unfortunately you only really have room for one of those! It the plot is 10 feet square rather than ten square feet you would have room for either the lavatera (fairly short lived but very vigorous) or the camellia (needs acid soil) and with them you could put the "polenlulla" which is actually a potentilla, (see below)as long as you leave plenty of room between them.

Or you could put the camellia in a large pot of ericaceous compost while its fairly small.They do eventually grow into large shrubs.

The lavatera will quickly grow to six feet across.

The clematis is a climber so will need a wall or trellis to support it.

The solanum is a climber or wall shrub that needs to be grown in a sheltered site, against a south wall or in a greenhouse.

I think your Mango Tango is actually Potentilla, and for a small bed this would probably be your best bet as it is hardy and flowers most of the summer. You would also have some room for a few other small plants around it.

When buying plants it is wise to discover what size they will grow to and what conditions they need. You don't say where you live - always a good idea to add that info to your profile as it can affect the advice you are given.

Very sorry for all the bad news - read the labels next time! Also you can put the plant names into google and get lots of useful information which can save you making mistakes when choosing.

15 Sep, 2012

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