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calathea rufibarbara what does it do does it flower or just have nice leaves i have looked in ref page but i did not find answer or photo only where to buy them



I found this for you:
"Native to: Brazil
Growth habit: A short clump forming bush usually not over 18" in height and width.
Flowers: Yes, but unsightly.
Temps: Normal indoor temps
Humidity: Place on pebble tray.
Pests: Watch for spider mites.
Calathea rufibarba is much easier to keep than most of the Calathea family. The under side of the foliage, along with the stems are rich burgundy in color. The stems are covered with fine purplish-brown hairs. The upper foliage of Calathea rufibarba is semi-glossy, and olive green in color.
Hard water may cause leaf spotting. Use bottled water if your water quality is poor. If you're fortunate enough to have soft water, let the water sit out over night before watering your Calathea plant. If you have an aquarium, water your plant with the recycled tank water.

Place your Calathea rufibarba in bright filtered or indirect light. East, west or north windows should do well. Avoid hot sunny locations as the plants leaves will tend to curl and burn. During periods of extreme cold remove the Calathea rufibarba from the window to avoid chilling.

Keep the Calathea's soil moist but not soggy. It is very beneficial to place your Calathea rufibarba on a pebble tray to increase the humidity level near the plant, but do not allow the plant to sit in water as this will cause root rot.

Calathea's prefer a warm, but not hot location, away from cold drafts.

Excessive fertilizing can lead to leaf spots on Calthea rufibarba. Your Calathea should be fertilized about four times per year.

Propagation is extremely difficult in our dry climate and is not recommended.

Common houseplant pests include: Spider mites".

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