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It is now early Sept and a large area of my flower bed is full of lupin foliage. I have very little showing until late Spring but don't know what to plant or how when there are so many lupin plants (just stopped flowering). Please can someone help as this has been a problem for years and I want to enjoy my garden through the seasons?



I like Lupin foliage so tend to keep it, removing the spent stalks - that will help prevent self seeding. If they are too thick then you can thin them out this year and they will be less thick next taking out the thick root as that is where the plant next year will grow from.

13 Sep, 2012


Hello and welcome to GOY Sandra.

Can you post a photo of the area of lupin foliage.

I dig out the lupins if there are so many and replant with rhodendrums or daphenes or plant out with Spring bulbs as well to give you early colour in spring.

Or for low maintaince cover with pebbles and pots of heucheras and other plants.

There is so many plants you can plant a big choice.

13 Sep, 2012


Thanks for these answers.

I have spring bulbs already in but it is the time from now until then that is the problem. Don't want to dig out too many lupins since love them in summer and since I have a cottage type garden they look good along with my poppies which have now also gone. Not sure if I can send a photo since I have new apple laptop and finding my way around it but thanks anyway.

I will take your advice Kildermorie and see if I can cut back any of my foliage.

13 Sep, 2012


As Scotkat requests, a photo of the area would be useful, but in the meantime, I'd like to clarify what you're asking. First, does the area get a lot of sun, or is it quite shady? Secondly, are you asking what you can plant in that area which will give colour early in the season, before the lupins arrive, or are you asking for planting which will give a different look to the area throughout the summer, with some lupins still left in place?

13 Sep, 2012


Ah, you've already answered most of my queries, lol! We posted at the same time. Asters are the obvious contenders for late colour, along with Rudbeckia. If you want a bit of evergreen colour over winter, small shrubs might be a good idea, such as Euonymus fortunei varieties, which can be clipped back to contain them if they start to get too large. In order to achieve this, though, it might be necessary to remove a few lupins - without seeing the area, hard to say.

13 Sep, 2012


Thanks to everyone. I think Asters and Rudbeckia would be good and I will buy some next week. I have just returned from Garden Centre and purchased a few small evergreen shrubs.

13 Sep, 2012


My finished lupins have Japanese anemones coming up around them in pinks and whites and they are reliable and last well into late autumn.

13 Sep, 2012


Thanks Inverglen. I have some Japanese anemones nearby. Love them but a bit invasive.

14 Sep, 2012

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