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poor draining soil

Flagstaff Arizona, United States Us

Is there anything I can do about poor draining soil other then dig up a large area and replace it ? Iam having trouble with small trees in my yard.



If one area is lower than the rest, an option is to dig that area deeper, maybe fill with stones. Other areas will drain into the deep one. Pond plants should grow in the drain area

6 May, 2008


The usual panacea for drainage problems is to incorporate lots of organic matter (manure or compost, etc), which loosens the soil. But it really depends on why your soil is poorly drained - is it the soil type, eg clay, or is it badly compacted or is the watertable particularly high in your area? If either of the two former, then the above should help, If the latter, then you are probably stuck with it and should maybe consider planting trees and shrubs that are tolerant of such conditions. Hope this helps.

6 May, 2008

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