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Help Identifying a plant please

Warwickshire, United Kingdom Gb

I was in town a couple of weeks ago and there were some ladies on a Macmillan stall selling plants, I fell for this one and they told me what it was called, but the label sticking out of it is not what they called it and is not the right name, so help please as I can't remember it's name and would like to confirm how I care for it. Oh they did say it was a sun loving plant.




Need to see the leaves/whole plant - they look like succulent ones? Maybe someone else will recognise the flower.

21 Jun, 2009


Thank you, I've updated the question with a better photo of the whole plant now

21 Jun, 2009


It's a Livingstone Daisy, treat as a succulent or sedum.

21 Jun, 2009


Yup, mesembryanthemum it is. Plant in sun, the flowers close in shade.

21 Jun, 2009


Thank you all for you very prompt replies, I just thought it was pretty and don't tend to have a lot of flowers, it'll be very happy in our very sunny front garden then.

21 Jun, 2009

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