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hi folks here i go again with my questions lol, i bought a cornus winter flame as a bare root plant/twig a few months ago, my partner planted it in a large pot but without steeping the roots first like it said, so when i went to transplant it in the ground the roots hadnt moved still in a dry ball, so i soaked them for a few hours and replanted it in the ground, so far it hasnt came to anything its a twig in the ground, shouuld i resign its fate and pull it or can any of you fine folks got any ideas, also ha ha i have a bare root rose which hasnt grew at all, i bought 2 and one is thriving away but the other is gubbed i think, i have put it in a pot in a shady area and just forgot sbout it but still nothing :(



When planting any bare rooted plant watering is crucial before and after planting?

These links will explain it to save me going over the details again;

My guess is the situation of the one in the pot is even with the rain we have had,this will not have been enought to sustain it.

Regarding pulling them up!

If you don't need the area for something else just leave them in place until you do, and who knows they might start growing.

Otherwise the choice is yours!

With the rose check to see that it is not planted too deeply it should be planted to the same depth as it was when it was grafted, and certainly the graft should be above soil level.

Re pulling it up.........I would say the same as above!

12 Sep, 2012


I agree do nothing now except maybe to mulch and hope that in the spring you get some leaves

13 Sep, 2012

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