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why do my harlequin buddleja, and jasmine clotted cream look so bad

durham, United Kingdom Gb

l have in a large pot a harlequin buddleja, and jasmine clotted cream and they don't look happy the leafs are going patchy brown and curling up and they are both in the best compost and well watered they are both in the shade till mid morning and in full sun all afternoon so can someone tell me what is happening to these two wonderfull plants, i have posted three photos today on site two of which show you harlequin buddleja, and one jasmine clotted cream they both look diseased but l hope not , so can someone help me to keep these plants




they both need to be in the ground, or in much, much larger pots. Buddleia never does really well in a pot, it wants to put on 12 feet of growth in a season, and it can't when its roots are contained. The jasmine too looks like it wants to grow, but can't. And from the picture, that is definitely drought evidence on the leaves - unless there's some infestation I can't see.

21 Jun, 2009

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