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orchid wont grow

manchester, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all. I have an orchid in my house. I have kept it well watered and looked after the plant. It had buds on it and it flowered but now they have died off. Will it flower again? At the moment it just looks like 2 twigs. A friend said that they just take there time to get buds on them but Im not sure. Can anyone advise? Thanks.



Orchids grown indoors like humid condtions and light but not direct sun light they like light comming from back and front of the plant they like fresh air and like being placed with other plants to keep one another company and it creates an atmosphere for them too , you should be able to tell by the leaves if it needs watering and do you feed it you should not leave water in the bottom any surplus should be removed. You can buy orchid feed from most places it s in a simular bottle to BabyBio only its Baby Bio orchid feed. I have one and it states it flowers 6 times a year but mine flowers once a year I am satisfied with that as I like the leaves on it too . They are better off being watered with rain water as its softer they do not like lime.

20 Jun, 2009

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