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Hi, I came across a tree with this rather unusual 'fruit.' I'm curious to what it is. Can anyone identify it please? Thanks in advance.




Rhus typhina stag's horn sumach, very pretty colour changes in the autumn but can be invasive.

12 Sep, 2012


Also, if you gently lick the tastes of sherbert (Alan Titchmarsh tip there)

12 Sep, 2012


Thanks to you both. So the fruit is edible then?

12 Sep, 2012


I never knew that Andy and I grew one for 12 -15 years lol. Thats what I love about these questions always some interesting titbit,
There will be very little flesh on one fruit and very sour, apparently the leaves are rich in tannin so if you have any thing to dye Ad44?

12 Sep, 2012

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