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By Ghlj

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Can anyone identify the plant in my (inherited) garden, please? It is a shrub/tree around 10 foot high and has grown well despite the weather of the last 2 years. It is flowering now (see photo) but flowered earlier last year. The bark is rust brown and peels. Any advice very welcome.

Unknownplant_3 Unknownplant4 Unknownplant2



possibly an arbutus but cant be certain.

12 Sep, 2012


Definitely Arbutus, not sure whether its A. andrachnoides or A. unedo 'rubra'; the former is known for its smooth, peeling, cinnamon coloured bark, but usually has white flowers, either in spring or autumn - the latter has pink flowers now.

12 Sep, 2012


Many thanks to Seaburngirl and Bamboo. It's a great help to know what the plant is although I now realise I have another problem in containing its growth. It is already obscuring a summer jasmine on the wall behind.

12 Sep, 2012

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