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Let me take you on a trip to Spain.......


We recently came back from a last minute break to Alicante, on the east coast of Spain. I would like to share with you all some of the flora and fauna we saw there, and also some of the local views. Don’t be fooled by the blue sky! Apart from one day, there was a very cold wind blowing!
Castillo De Santa Barbara
Built at an altitude of 166m.

Basilica De Santa Maria
Built in the 15th century and located behind where we were staying, bells chiming every 15 minutes! Fortunately they stopped at night!

One of two fountains on the esplanade

Some flora and fauna

The city’s promenade, decorated with 6,600,000 marble tiles!

Central Market, built in the 20th century.

More flora and fauna.

These oranges were oh so juicy BUT oh so sour! We wondered why no-one had picked them!

These were not buds, they grew like this. Does anyone know what the plant is?

For Sandra!

For Hywel!

I thought these looked lovely against the pinky coloured gravel.

Display at the entrance to an underground car park, of which there are several!

And finally, “OK, if you insist, I’ll have one for my birthday!” Ha Ha Ha LOL

I hope you enjoyed your trip to Spain!

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Hi, thanks for showing me Alicante etc., you have whetted my appetite, we go to Spain in a couple of days for a week. We are staying just outside Fungerola. Going for rest and relaxation, so whatever the weather does, it will not worry us! As long as I get a few good meals, I will be happy.

Hopefuly will get some piccies for you to see.

21 Feb, 2009


Wow....Thanks PG for the lovely trip. Some very nice photos. It looks like you had a great time. :o)

22 Feb, 2009


Very interesting photos.
Thanks for the tour ! :o)

22 Feb, 2009


Glad you had a nice break. Thanks for showing the cacti. They're great. I love looking at cacti. Some of them look very tall.
I like that yacht aswell. I'd love to go on a yacht.

22 Feb, 2009


I'd love to OWN a yacht, Hywel! In my dreams, I'm afraid. thanks for sharing your holiday, PG.

One of my teaching colleagues went to live in Alicante some years ago. I can see why, now!

22 Feb, 2009


Enjoyed your photos of spain , and yes i'd like a yacht aswell but like everyone i can only dream of having one.

22 Feb, 2009


Thank you all for your comments.

Marge ~ the food was very Italian orientated where we were, and also expensive! But different areas vary so it will be interesting to hear how you found it.

Hywel ~ yes, some cacti were very tall. The first one here I seemed to remember that you had? Some were varieties I used to have and the difference in size was fascinating.

The is a big marina but all boats were privately owned so you couldn't even go on them, just look! There was one next to this one that was bigger and very classy but when I approached with the camera they all posed, like they expected me to photograph them. So I turned my back and took this one! Tee hee! Naughty PG...LOL

22 Feb, 2009


Thanks for sharing your trip to Alicante with us Pg...lots of great photos.Love the marble tiles on the promenade,and the exotic looking plants !

22 Feb, 2009


Took 140 or so photo's BB. The beauty of digital.

22 Feb, 2009


true Pp..and with films you had to wait til you got home to see if they had turned out Lol

22 Feb, 2009


Pottygardener, I was in Alicante last year and your pics (especially the promenade) reminded me of my trip - great photos!

1 Dec, 2009

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