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Green tomato cake recipe for Hank

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To Hank,

This is the recipe I used for the green tomato cake. I read the reviews before I made it, quite a few people had mentioned about blending the tomatoes as opposed to being chopped as in the recipe. I blended them but not too much, just so they looked a bit like mushy peas. I also put them in a sieve after to drain off the juice.

I also made a cream cheese icing for the top too.
50g soft butter creamed together with 75g of icing sugar then mixed in 200g of cream cheese.

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Qthanks for the recipe, but I’m a mere man who’s hardly ever cooked anything in his life, and if I try to I never risk more than 5 ingredients. Many thanks for trying though, it looks so good.

19 Sep, 2018

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