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A few damp days in lovely Devon


By ponty


Visited my daughter in Devon last week. Lovely county. Gorgeous views. Many interesting places to visit. The only downside is that whenever we visit we get rained on. Daughter lives in the shadow of Dartmoor and the morning mizzle can wet you quite thoroughly on the 200 yard round trip to the shop for the paper.
I thought you might like to share this photo of Sticklepath’s crowning glory – their magnificent Oak Tree. Its spread reaches over my daughter’s garden giving her husband plenty of work clearing the leaves at this time of year.

A visit to Rosemoor is a must when in this area. It is obviously not at its best at this time of year but there is still plenty of colour and interest.
I shot this Dahlia “Bishop of Oxford” (with and without Bee) because I had bought a “Bishop of Llandaff” this year. The reason I bought “Llandaff) was that I had been told that a relative of my grand-father had been a Bishop of Llandaff. It was only after returning from Devon that I Googled the rose and to my amazement, discovered that it was named after Bishop Pritchard Hughes – my surname. I wonder!! More research required. Oxford will be alongside Llandaff next year.

Another Dahlia that caught my eye was this gorgeous “Chat Noir” – must have one!

Told Elaine this was Giant Devonshire rhubarb. Why does she never believe me? lol

Tagetes “Scotch Prize”

Trycertes formosana

Leycestria formosa

Fuschia “Hawkshead”. One for you Hywel? I’ve looked through your huge collection but could not find it.

I’m not a gourd grower so I was amazed to learn that these were only planted at the end of June! Do they really grow to this size in four months?

We visited the excellent Homeleigh Garden Centre near Launceston where Elaine asked about a plant which is in our neighbour’s garden alongside our fence and which we were all unable to name. Many thanks to the very helpful young lady who satisfied her curiosity – Clerodendrum Trichotomum Harlequin Glory Bower. Gorgeous! – but apparently quite invasive so I imagine it will soon be on our side of the fence.

Buckfast Abbey. The old, monks’ gardens were interesting. The Lavender garden displayed 150 varieties. The Sensory Garden must be sheer delight in the Summer, judging by the exquisite fragrance of the flowers still in bloom. The heavily scented roses were especially invigorating. The Physic Garden contained over 200 herbs and plants used by the monks for medicinal purposes, among other things and the markers offered much good advice and dire warnings of the (sometimes surprising) toxicity of many of them. No photos of the gardens unfortunately. Our tour was all too hurried as the Dartmoor rain made another appearance.

Holidays are great but it’s good to be back home. Loozie thinks so too. (Old photo)

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Loved the blog and the photos particularly the Bishop and Loozie !!!

29 Oct, 2009


Great photos - loved the Noir dahlia, and that Clerodendrum, bet I won't remember the names though...

29 Oct, 2009


Lovely pics thanks - love your cat

29 Oct, 2009


So - you've visited my favourite RHS garden! It's quite a journey from us, but I've been there twice so far - I shall certainly go again, though.

That dark red Dahlia is just beautiful! I shall make a note of it....:-))

29 Oct, 2009


all looks very lovely there, love the oak tree to, loozie is beautifull

29 Oct, 2009


Nice trip, and lovely return home....Beautiful Loozie!


29 Oct, 2009


Lovely blog....Homeleigh Garden centre is one of our favorite spots to visit when we go down to Devon.....

29 Oct, 2009


Great blog Ponty, and some fantastic shots too, it's been many years since I visited (Brixham) Devon time for a trip down next year again maybe.

29 Oct, 2009


Another really interesting blog Ponty. What a lovely majestic oak that is, must be very very old. Great photos.
You did very well in damp weather.

30 Oct, 2009


Great blog and lovely pictures Ponty, even if it did rain !! :-))

30 Oct, 2009


Loved your blog, have yet to visit of these days.Devon is such a lovely area to live.

30 Oct, 2009


Devon and Cornwall are my favourite counties - but they do have 80% precipitation (rains most of the time...) My sister lived in Plymouth for 5 years and spent most of her time in wellies and raincoat - but some areas are worse than others in Devon for wet.

31 Oct, 2009


Devon is lovely. My Grampa's family were from there. You must have had a great time.

1 Nov, 2009


Lovely blog, Ponty!!

1 Nov, 2009


Next time you'll surely get photos of the Abbey gardens that are as informative and sharp as these!

5 Nov, 2009


Thanks all. It’s the only RHS we’ve have been to Spritz (3 times). I love it. Now I’m retired we plan to visit others. No one I have spoken to in Sticklepath knows how old the tree is Mad. Nothing on the ‘net. Must be 4 to 500 I guess. Its spread is magnificent from all angles. Hope to get back to Buckfast when in full flower Org.

5 Nov, 2009


I`m a real fan of dahlias and this year planted only The Bishop. They did so well that I will probably replant them again next year. I haven`t been to that part of Devon for years but I know its beautiful there.

Sandra :o)

5 Nov, 2009


Rrrrrrrrrr yes i remember it now Ponty :) Its a Beautiful Huge Oak Tree :)

26 Nov, 2009

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